Arabic Letter Booklet (update)

Anyone who’s followed this blog for a while will know that I tend to ‘take my time’ and my head is buzzing with wonderful ideas that I find hard to suppress unless I start them. But there lies the problem: I start one thing and then start another and thus don’t usually finish the first thing.


Many of you have sent me emails about the Arabic Letter Booklets in the Downloads section. I got to Harf Thaa` and wanted to complete the other letters, however I can’t find the template I used. I am a stickler for uniformity and so a part of me wants to start over ‘cos the lack of consistency will annoy me to no end.

Sounds like a new project, right? Yes… yes it would be, and so I’ll put that on the backburner for now, as I am trying to make better sense of everything I’m currently juggling.

I actually want to give this blog a nip and tuck… a cosmetic facelift and update some of the information on the pages. This will take time, and I really hope you’ll bear with me.

Apologies for the lameness of it all, but once I start ironing things out, downloads will be coming thick and fast. Well, that’s the plan in my head. InshaAllah.

LaYinka Sanni (Umm Junayd)


3 thoughts on “Arabic Letter Booklet (update)

  1. Asalaamu alaykum sis, Masha’allah I am glade that both you and the kids are doing well. I have tried to contact you many times to no avail and have thus had you in my thoughts. Cairo?Masha’Allah that must have been great!!!

    We must catch up Insha’Allah when you have time, Holla at me on my some what neglected blog 😦 Subhanallah where does time go?

    A Blast from the past Umm Fatimah

  2. Wa alaikumus-salaam sis!

    What a lovely surprise – I love blasts from the past! 😀

    Yes, we definitely need to catch up. Much love to you and the girls. ❤

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