Back… again?

I would like to apologise. It has been an incredulously long break between this post and the last one – over a year! Time has flown and so many changes have happened in the life of me and the kidsters, and this blog bore the brunt of it. I’m sorry.

I am so touched that many still comment and even visit this shamble of an abode and I feel that I need to give it an ignition of life. So here I am. Or maybe we.

You see, Jundee (who is now eight) has a thing where he ‘wants to be like Mummy’ – he knows I have 2 other blogs aside from this one and he ‘wants his own website’ too. I’m thinking about it. And the likelihood is that he may be allowed some online writing space, but only after some serious thought about why.

But as a general update:

  • I’m back in London. I spent a year away teaching EFL at the British Council in Cairo, Egypt. It was amazing, I loved it and since I drank from the Nile, God-willing I’ll be back there sometime. I have a blog for my adventures and beyond (
  • We’re not homeschooling fulltime, but you know what? Every moment I spend with my children are opportunities for learning, so I’m not too worried about that.
  • I’m still the ever-ambitious mummy, which means that I like to supplement their school work, push them a little bit and tidy up bits that teachers might have missed. Jundee finally¬†understands ‘carrying over’ in addition tasks. Thank God – it took a lot out of me. Let’s just say that maths isn’t my forte!
  • I’m in the planning stage of some projects I want to start with the kidsters. One being regular visits to sick children in hospital and another being a pen pal one. I also have a Qur’an-based one, not so much for memorising but for understanding and implementation – that is my main focus at the moment. If anyone has ideas for projects that we can pool together I am definitely interested in hearing them.

Please do touch base with me – it would be nice to know where you’re at, if you’re still homeschooling or anything else really?

That’s me over and out!

LaYinka Sanni (Umm Junayd)


2 thoughts on “Back… again?

  1. Thank you! I had forgotten that I had subscribed to RSS feeds of your Homeschooling blog.
    I have a 28-month-old and I’m determined to delay his entry into school til he’s about 4 or even 5!
    There’s SO MUCH I can do with him at home.

    I, like you, am an EFL teacher here in Durban, South Africa. I work, predominantly, with Refugees. I’m wondering, when you went to Cairo to teach, did you take your kids along? How was it? I’d like to consider the prospect of travelling with my son, but
    I worry about what that may do to him.

    I hope to read more about you and your endeavours soon!

    Best wishes, Was-salaam,

  2. Welcome back, Waheeda – it’s lovely to have you here.

    I think you can definitely delay your son’s entry into school and have him well-equipped with foundation of knowledge – I was able to.

    I went to Cairo alone, but have friends who have gone ahead as single mothers and taught abroad. It’s certainly not impossible and I too have my eyes abroad as London isn’t where I want to be long-term. You will need to weigh things up and since he is still quite young it might be an easier adjustment than my kidsters who are 5 and 8.

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