Teeny weeny update

It has been absolutely AGES since I last posted an update and SO much has happened within that time. It’s amazing how life’s activities can overtake us, but I’m grateful for every day I am granted, alhamdulillah.

So, the update: it’s the summer holidays here in the UK, which means the end of an academic year. Jundee will be staying at the Muslim school he’s at, insha’Allah, and I am very pleased with his progress in all subjects – he attained As and Bs, masha’Allah. His teachers do put it down to his previous homeschooling and ongoing ‘top-up’ at home. I’m currently working on his Arabic reading and hope to have him reading from the Qur’an by Ramadan insha’Allah – he can’t get off just ‘cos he’s on holiday from school! We managed to cover ‘shaddah’ today.

Ru. has been pulled out of the nursery she was attending, mainly due to the fact that it was burning a hole in my pocket, but she thoroughly enjoyed herself. There wasn’t much substance that I could see in terms of learning, but we’re now blending letters to make words, and she loves it! She can get ahead of herself a bit sometimes and claims she can read… I’ve got to work on that claim now!

~ Umm J.

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