Second time around

When I started schooling Jundee 4 years ago I dived in and tried to devour all the new information – and you know what happens when you try to eat quicker than you can swallow!

This time around I’m doing very little reading on schooling…. shocking, I know. The reason is that I have found that I’ve decided to be more in-tune with Princess Ru. While I was busy printing resources, reading books and scribbling down tips during Jundee’s schooling, I didn’t take enough time to truly analyse him. I guess now that I am an ESOL teacher I have come to value the process of discovering the strengths and weaknesses of my learners – utilising their strengths and working on their weaknesses. I can now see where I fell short in the past (and I’m human after all, so still fall short in areas now), and have made mental notes of my children’s learning styles, their likes, dislikes and strengths when it comes to learning.

I now know that Princess Ru. has an artistic flair and could follow her Mummy’s literary footsteps (whatever they may be!), and Jundee also loves writing (about fighting!) and finds much of the Math work for his age “easy”.

Although my teaching regime has had a shift, I’m still loving my kiddies and seeing them bloom. It’s a reminder that I am indeed getting old!

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