Jolly Ol’ Jolly Phonics

Years ago — I feel ancient saying that! — when I saw children wriggling their fingers up their arms, or sliding their hands like snakes I thought that had gone a little mad because I didn’t know what in the world they were doing, or what it all signified.

4 years later (now) it’s all making sense, and I’ve joined in with the sliding of hands and wriggling fingers, and I certainly haven’t gone mad!

It’s the jolly Jolly Phonics books that have caused this frenzy as I teach Princess Ru. her letters. I like the Jolly Phonics books because they introduce the letters with a a short narrative and actions to being the narrative alive. While doing the actions the letter sound is made, thus linking the sound to the action. Now, when I pretend to be putting an umbrella up, Ru. shouts /u/, /u/, /u/.

She is now on Book 3 and we are constantly revising the letters covered (although she did surprise me with /z/ ‘cos I had no idea that she knew the letter already!). I’m almost tempted to do a little sound/ letter blending, but want to make sure she’s ready… I can be a little too excited at times!

We’re having a jolly ol’ time with Jolly Phonics (and she loves Letterland too! 🙂 )


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