How do I do it?

I’ve been asked this question many times when people find out I’m a homeschooler, writer, cupping therapist and a few other things. *blush*

My answer is that I like to stay ahead of the game. And in doing so, I’ll be posting tips for other busy homeschooling Mamas, or just busy Mamas if that’s what you are!

So for today: how do I manage doing cupping for sisters and homeschooling too?

I only do hijamah (cupping) on the Sunnah days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, so with this in mind I know how to plan for those days. Also, I tend to have appointments in the afternoon which allows for me to homeschool in the morning, cook dinner if needed and travel to the location of the appointment.

As my dear friend Umm J. knows, I am a ‘like-to-have-my-home-in-order-before-leaving-the-house’ kind of person, which means, if laundry needs doing, it’s got to be done, there have to be no dishes in the kitchen sink, and the rooms need to be in some sort of reasonable shape.

~ Umm Junayd


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