Big Up for Homeschooling!

I was beaming from ear to ear and nodding my head with great excitement on Sunday evening. My local masjid hosted a conference titled ‘Wonder Women’ and I actually thought it would be able historical female figures in Islam.

The first speaker, Br. Ismail Abu Hanifah, gave a fantastic talk about the role of Muslim women, and I can tell you it was so refreshing to hear things other than ‘looking after your husband’ and it was truly about women empowering themselves. He not only spoke about Muslim women gaining knowledge, but also imparting that knowledge to their family, firstly their children.

It was the first time I had heard a daa’i (‘preacher’) speak so highly about homeschooling, and why shouldn’t he… he homeschools too! There were questions such as ‘doesn’t homeschooling make children socially handicap?’ and those revolving around socialisation, but he was so eloquent and firm in his resolve that homeschooling is the way forward.

It was just the inspiration I needed and has put so many things into perspective for me and my goals for my children.

I want them to love Allah and be loved by Him, I want them to be forebearers of the flag of Islam in their actions and speech, I want them to not only commit the words of Allah in their memories, but ingrain them in their hearts. I have aspirations for my children, and how else can I help them achieve them without being an active instrument in their learning?

I love being a teacher to them, and it helps me because I know they see me as an example. I know that I have to be disciplined before disciplining.

So a great big up for homeschooling!


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