Homeschooling on a Sunday?

No, it’s not something that I would necessarily do, but yesterday that’s what we did.

You see, I love the flexibility of home-educating: you can do it when, where and how best suits your family’s needs and interests.

Yesterday I was itching to start our Qur`an and Qaaidah schedule after I finally devised our new weekly ‘timetable’. Qur`an memorisation and Arabic reading is on our to-do list from Monday – Friday and done before any other lessons. So I whipped out the Qaaidah and did some Arabic activities with Maymi (which she loved) and we all felt good for the rest of the day.

Alhamdulillah, we’ve also followed it on this morning, but Maymi’s a little unsettled and giggly, so it didn’t go as planned with her, but Jundee was on a roll, mashaa`Allah and completed a few pages of the Qaaidatun-Noor we’re using.

I’m off now.. break time is nearly over!


~ Umm J.


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