This week at a glance

I think I’ll make this a weekly feature here at this blog: posting a weekly summary of our homeschooling activities – the good, bad and the ugly.

Well, this week was our first official homeschooling week since Jundee returned from his (mashaa`Allah) 3-week retreat in Africa. So it wasn’t a retreat as such, but he enjoyed it so much, mashaa`Allah. Now that he is back, I’m hoping to get into things slowly, ‘cos I tend to burnout easily.


We focused on literacy, namely reading and writing.

Jundee read from about 6 books from Set 1 of the BOB books and enjoyed it. I’ve noticed that he slacked quite a bit since we’ve been out of the schooling scene (both at home and nursery), but he did quite well, mashaa`Allah. He is coming to grips with the concept of ‘sight words’ and has accepted that ‘the’ does not sound as it is spelt. I am planning to purchase the next set of BOB books inshaa`Allah.

I told Jundee to pick a page in the last book he read, and asked him to read it out to me while I wrote it in his handwriting book. After I wrote the sentence, he read it back to me and proceeded to write it again beneath mine. The aim in doing this is two-fold:

1. For him to see how the letters are formed and written (so he sees how I do it – a Montessori thing *grin*)

2. He recognises that at the beginning of a sentence there’s a capital/ uppercase letter, and at the end there is a full-stop/ period.

He grasped the full-stop concept pretty well, mashaa`Allah. I love showing rather than telling sometimes – it tend to ‘click’ better.


We went to a mother-and-toddler group nearby – more for Maymi’s benefit than Jundee’s – and took our books with us.

There we carried on with literacy (as above) and we’re almost done with the BOB books in the series. The books he read introduced him to the ‘?’ which was a great follow-up from the full-stop lesson the day before.

We also learned the du’aa for going to bed, which he proudly shouted out to his dad when he went to bed, mashaa`Allah. Sometimes we underestimate our children… I didn’t think he would have been able to learn it in one day, but mashaa`Allah he did.


Jundee and Maymi had fun at Literactive and role-playing. It was a little bit of a lazy day for me, so it was ‘free play’ and a few bits here and there since we were out of the house for a large chunk of the day.


Jundee restarted the Mindsprinting program and completed a few lessons, mashaa`Allah.


Today? Nothing much!

We hope you had a great week!

– Signing off,
Umm J., Jundee & Maymi


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