… ONE Hundred!

… boing…


“one!”… boing… “two!”… boing…

And so it went one day when Junayd was jumping happily on his bed. He was jumping and counting, but when he reached 29, he faltered, at which his sister R. shouted, “thirty!” (**my heart melted at this point – she’s only two, mashaa`Allaah**)

And on he jumped, from 30-39… and then he faltered – this time, R. didn’t have an answer to give him. So I beckoned for him to join me where I was sitting on the floor, and told him to grab a sheet of paper and a pen. I wrote the numbers 1-10 vertically, asking him to count them as I wrote (which he did willingly). I then added a 0 next to the number 1, asking him what it was (and I already knew that he recognised 10), and he gladly shouted, “ten!”


I then proceeded to add a zero next to each number, helping him to add the -ty to the end as we he said them out loud, until we reached 100. It was like his little light-bulbed flicked on! An expression of understanding washed over his face… he understood!

He took the sheet of paper, climb back onto his bed and started from one again…

…boing… “one!”… boing… “two!”… boing… and when he got stuck at a -9, he’d looked down at the paper to figure it out. Anyone who’s done the 10-100 page on Starfall.com will know how the little boy shouts ONE hundred – that’s exactly what Junayd did!


A miracle, I tell you. Now, who said teaching and learning can’t be fun?

Go jump!


6 thoughts on “… ONE Hundred!

  1. as-salaamu’3alaykum. ramadan mubarak. 🙂 congrats to junayd! i’m writing this from my phone..lol. hopefully inshallah it’ll go through. i want to let you know that i now blog a http://www.expeditionoflife.blogspot.com … as soon as i can get to an actual computer i’m gonna post more about my stay in egypt and put up some poems i wrote about ramadan inshallah. prob. tmrw. 🙂 i hope you and your fam are having a wonderful ramadan. inshallah.

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh

    yes..my son shouted like the boy in starfall too. ONE hundred!!!and i must say starfall do helps him to learn how to count beyond 20 🙂

  3. salamou alaikoum and Ramadan moubarak.
    t’barak’allah! that sounds exciting!
    great that you are back with a lot of inspiration…
    greetings from Morocco.

  4. Assalaam aaikum sister, just happened to stumble upon your blog, mashaalah i think its wonderful that your sharing your knowledge of teaching your little one, its very inspirational and informative. I have a 3 year old and a 2 year old daughters, and i realy need all the advice i can get on how to teach them well.
    Thank you and please keep up this good wok, if theres any websites that you know of that are good please let me know, meanwhile i will be looking at all your previous posts for more tips and ideas!
    Jazarkhuallah khair

  5. assalamualaikum sister,

    i am a working mother of a 14 month old son from Malaysia, and i’m looking for the best way to spend time with my son. suddenly i stumbled upon your blog when looking for how to make sandpaper alphabet.

    very impressive with what you have here.

    i tried to look for your email or anything i can reach you but i didnt find any & i am very happy if you can email me at sauberlina@gmail.com.

    -Lyna @ Ummu Hafiy

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