We’re still here…

… yes, we are!

So, April was the last time I blogged here, but we HAVE been schooling in one way or the other. My little seedling is blossoming into a young boy, and I’m just about managing to keep up.

He is now EXTREMELY inquisitive, so it’s like a Q&A session in our home every single day – alhamdulillaah. He’s learning about himself and the people and world around him… for that I’m grateful.

And with that, an update is due:

— jazaakumAllaahu khairan to everyone who posted a suggestion to encourage Junayd to write. Mashaa`Allaah he no longer has an inherent fear of writing, and actually ASKS to do ‘words’, which is in fact dictation (imagine that, a four-year-old asking for dictation lessons. I’m humbled!).

— he can count to 100, and not only in tens, but in ones too! This miracle – which it is in my view since I’d been trying for aaaages to help him understand how to count in tens – deserves a whole post itself. And it will get one inshaa`Allaah.

— I WILL be completing the Arabic alphabet sheets inshaa`Allaah, I just cannot say when. I’m so sorry for taking long on this.

I hope everyone’s happy and well,

~ Umm Junayd.


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