5 Months?!


Has it REALLY been nearly FIVE months since I last updated? SubhaanAllaah, I’ve severely neglected this humble abode of mine, and I’m sorry to you all. I’m sure you had better expectations.

Nevertheless, there are many things to say… things have happened… things have changed, and life goes on, alhamdulillaah.

Firstly, Junayd is no longer a full-time homeschool student. Please don’t look at the screen like that! Junayd now attends a Montessori nursery (equivalent to Kingergarten) part-time and is home-schooled part-time. Why the change? It was really just needed, and Allaah knows best.

Junayd has begun memorising Surah al-Baqarah, mashaa`Allaah. He does this with his father while I concentrate on teaching him the shorter suwar… he’s picking it up so, so well mashaa`Allaah tabaarakAllaah.

I’m doing more Islamic Studies with him now – focusing on his adaab and character inshaa`Allaah. Last week we had a lesson on Jannah and Jahannam, and Junayd said:

“I love Abi. I want him to go to Jannah too!”

Yes, that left me teary-eyed, mashaa`Allaah. I was making an internal du’aa: ‘Make du’aa for me too, Jundee!’

With so many things on at the moment, homeschooling is rather slow. But, it has not seized alhamdulillaah. Slow and steady is better than fast and hasty. Reminds me of the fable of the Rabbit and the Turtle.

I hope you’re all in good health and eeman. Feel free to send me your updates… I KNOW I’m well out of the swing of things!

~ Umm Junayd.


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