Getting There…


Junayd is now getting the grips of ‘phonetic reading’ (as I like to call it), although he makes the expected mistake here and there.

I borrowed a book from our local library to help, and it’s been a GREAT help in making the transition from the alphabet to reading, alhamdulillaah.  The book is called Superphonics, by Ruth Miskin. This title has a set of about 6 books, and I borrowed 4 from the library.

The first book goes through the alphabet, dedicating a double page to each letter. It uses a similar approach as Letterland, where the letters are represented by the shape of an object that begins with the letter – i.e. ‘a’ is represented by an apple shaped as an ‘a’.
I skipped this book because Junayd is already familiar with the letters… I did, however, flick through a couple of pages with him.

The second book gets down to the nitty-gritty: blending. It uses a fun approach and even provides a ‘script’ that you can use with the child, which is very helpful, mashaa`Allaah.  Again, it dedicates a double page for each concept or unit.

We’ve been taking each unit a little at a time, and alhamdulillaah Junayd is getting to grips with the whole blending concept. He does, however, sometimes want to rush through a lesson, and as such, will say whatever he ‘thinks’ the words may be!

I really recommend this book, tabaarakAllaah.


2 thoughts on “Getting There…

  1. Jsk for the helpful insights about how to with learning how to recite Qur’an. I’ve been using the website which has lovely graphics and audio.

  2. salam UmmJunayd,

    I’m Baiti from Malaysia. Stumbled upon your blog when searching some tips on homeschooling my 2 kids.

    Thanks for sharing some info on homeschooling resources. This blog will be definitely be in my bookmark pages 😉

    Thanks again + salamualaik ;).

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