Qur`aan: New Method


After renewed inspiration to get Junayd to be a haafizh (inshaa`Allaah), I am trying to be more disciplined with the memorisation of the Qur`aan.

I remember once reading that many parents expect their children to love the deen, practice it and even memorise the Qur`aan when they (the parents) are not doing so themselves. I believe this to be so true, subhaaAllaah.

I notice that when I regularly recite the Qur`aan out loud when revising, Junayd often follows suit, mashaa`Allaah.

This week’s first Qur`aan session was so lovely, mashaa`Allaah. I did revision of sooraat with Junayd and I think I’ll be taking it one aayah at a time, rather than one soorah at a time. I know this sounds logical, but previously I would do a whole soorah a day – Junayd would get the general jist of the soorah, but being the perfectionist mum that I am, I was always dissatisfied with his articulation of letters. Now we are sticking with Soorah al-Masad until he gets it right, inshaa`Allaah.

I utilise the Soorah charts that can be found here: Tabidden Jr Qur`aan section

While I’m on this subject, when did you all begin teaching the tajweed rules to your kiddies?

~ Umm Junayd.


16 thoughts on “Qur`aan: New Method

  1. Assalamu alaiki warahmatullahi warakatuh

    Masha Allah may Allah reward you abundantly for teaching your child al Quran. Alhamdulillah, my daughters began tajweed when they were 8 years old. Now they are 10 and 13 and Masha Allah are doing the Part 2 of Tajweed Rules of the Quran by Kareema Czerepinski while memorising Al Baqarah. May Allah make us patience learning His Book. Ameen.

    Fee Amani Allah

  2. Al Hamdu ?Lillah my eldest daughter got into a school that taught the Qa’ida Nooraniyah, and this was when she was 4 years old.
    After seeing the results I knew that I won’ty let any of my kids go through KG without learning it.
    We moved from Jeddah to Madinah and the schools of my other kids changed but I made sure I taght them the Qa’idah.
    The school in Jeedah was much more srict than I am with teaching tajweed along with the reading. I try to do the same but Mashallah my eldest daughter has the best tajweed and pronounciation.
    All the teachers of the 1st grade noticed how my daughters read easily and felt very bored in the reading classes, but this helped them with the other subjects and also reading a lot at home and memorizing the Qur’aan easily Al Hamdu Lillah.

    I don’t think but I BELEIVE that tajweed comes at the beginning and is hard to introduce later when the child has already memorized the Ayat.

    May Allah bless you and your family and jazaki Allahu khayran for the reading chart.

  3. Assalaamu ‘alaikum sisters.

    Jazaakunn Allaahu khairan for your comments.

    Sister ‘Lightnur’ I have those tajweed books, but I found them to be quite confusing. Alhamdulillaah I studied tajweed at a young age, tabaarakAllaah, and have been told I recite with tajweed, but there’s one thing KNOWING it and another thing TEACHING it.

    Sister ‘Cappuccino, yes I know how important it is for children to get it right from the start. When you say teaching tajweed from the beginning, are you referring to them knowing the rules, or simply reciting with correct pronunciation and makhaarij (articulation of letters)? Junayd is going to be 4 in Ramadhaan inshaa`Allaah.

  4. Assalaamu ‘alaykum

    I help my young cousin read and memorise quran, she is 13, and unfortunately was not taught quran until now. I make her listen to reciter.org when memorising and I recite to her with tajweed. However, I do not stress the tajweed rules on her or correct her if she doesn’t make ghunna for example. I feel that this will confuse her as she is already focusing so hard on reading, and any extra rules will discourage her. Plus tajweed is not waajib, so I rather focus on what is more important for now. Inshallaah when she is reading well, I will begin introducing tajweed. I myself did not know anything about tajweed until I was older, and now I continue to memorise with tajweed and was able to correct the sourahs i knew before. However, other than Abdullah Basfar, my favourite qaari for memorising, I dont have a teacher to correct me, but I’ve learnt basic things just as makhaarij and few rules. The tajweed colour quran also helps, because you pick up rules as you go along.
    Wallaahu ‘alam, I would say if your kid can handle tajweed and does not become discouraged everytime you correct him, then better to teach them now than later. But if they are confused with what you are correcting, i.e. they can’t differenciate between what they recited and what you said, then maybe you can wait awhile.


  5. Assalaam alaikum

    I asked my daughter’s Quran teacher to start tajweed with her at 8 yrs old. I view tajweed as very important and have always been taught that this is the correct way to read and obligatory, but I’ll try to find some proof for that inshallah. The way tajweed is usually taught in Egypt is first to get the kids to recite the verses correctly and later go over the rules. Knowing the rules and actually using correctly are two very different things. BTW, I know adults who memorized large amounts of Quran without tajweed and they find it VERY difficult to go back now and learn the surahs correctly. Wassalaam


  6. Assalaamu ‘alaikum.

    JazaakunnAllaahu khairan for your encouraging and enlightening comments. I think I’ll be leaving the rule learning for now and stick to memorisation and makhaarij. Junayd still struggles to articulate ‘ayn, ghayn, raa, khaa, daad and haa (the first one) as they should be articulated.

  7. Assalam-o-alaikum……………

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    May ALLAH bless u all………


  8. as-salaamu 3layki yaa Umm Junayd,

    Maa – shaa Allah ukhty, I am so happy to have seen your website. If I am not mistaken, you are the same Umm Junayd that is with us at IOU? I really love reading your pages and I have been learning a lot about homeschooling.

    I have a 10 yr. old son, and I taught him memorize at the age of 2. We would recite short suwar repeatedly while we lie down at night, until he slept. I also taught him Ayatul kursi at age 3 he had it written in stones, maa shaa Allah.

    You inquired about where to get the qaaidah, we have a sister who gave me this site and I believe she teaching others through it, may Allah accept her efforts. Here is the link to the qaaidah http://www.freewebs.com/qaaidatun-noor/

    Jzakillahu khayrn ukhty, may Allah increase you and bless you and your family, ameen.

    Your sister Iman

  9. Assalaamu alaikum sister,

    Iam so happy I have found your website and so do many sis who are doing homeschooling. I would sound silly, but the reality is that I am expecting my first child insha ALlah in April end and we have already decided to make him / her home schooled. I would like to know if you had prepared early…if so, from which year / month and how did you make your kids understand that its school time and their concetration is needed…also did you do anything significant when they were 1/ 2 years old itself so that they achieve the goals easily? Any idea / suggestion to prepare myself would be helpful insha ALlah. I live in NJ and if you know any sister who is homeschooling her child in NJ may be that would help me more. looking for answers from your side insha Allah.

  10. assalamualaikum…
    this is my first time to read from ur website, and its really help me a lot… Actually i’ve been looking for a website on how to recognise alphabets more effectively, n a fren of mine give me ur website… thanks for the shares…
    anyway, my eldest son is just 3 yrs old, since he was born, my husband will recite for him yasin every morning, as for me i always recite repeatedly on short surah for him, eventually when he reach 1 and 1/2 yrs old, he pick up all the surah easily, means he memorise almost all the suwar that we have been reading for him. My husband is a hafizh alhmadullilah, so to him as long as as we recite to our son in a proper tajweed and makhraj, he will surely follow the way u read it for him. Alhamdulillah our son did memorise the suwar with tajweed n correct makhraj even though he did not know what tajweed is…
    So to me, as long as u read with a proper makhraj and tajweed, ur son will follow u too…

  11. There are a couple of Qa’ida Nooriyas available: in particular one which was recommended and has been very beneficial in teaching my children to read is the Qa’ida Nooriya designed by Al-Furqan. They have recently designed an IT version for kids which is easily obtained in Jeddah and also in one of their offices in London. To view their products see http://www.furqancentre.com

    Re: Tajweed book by Sr. Kareema. This book is only confusing if you’re learning it without a teacher. Initially, I also found it confusing until I was blessed to study it at their centre in Jeddah, (Dar ul Huda).

    From what I’ve experienced in Saudi, they start with the Qa’ida first and then move on to hifz (as soon as they are able to read the Qur’an independently). As they are exposed to teachers who have in general, good tajweed- this helps young children acquire subconsciously, the makhraj as well as some tajwheed rules (like the noon / meem sakinahs and maad etc). It’s only when they reach Grade 3+ , where the children are taught the tajweed rules directly.

    I also find Abdullah Basfar an excellent Qaari, maasha ‘Allah. Listening, to him recite has greatly improved mine an my children’s recitation.

  12. Assalaamualaikum. It’s my first time on ur site, i have a 3year old daughter, i’m a single parent, i teach her from home, she has memorised sura faatiha &ahad shd also knows almost all her masnoon dua’s dua’s like when eating and after when going 2bed &awaking when entering &leaving da bathroom &she knows all da arabic alphabet from qaaidah noorani, is she doing well or should she know more, i sometimes feel i’m not good enough. Shukran

  13. mashaallah i like your views is there any home schooling in uk[london]if someone knows please let me know

  14. sister ummAbdullah,
    Please give me the address and contact number of sister kareema carol czerepinski.I live in alkhobar and am eager to join her school in jeddah in vacation( if possible, inshallah) for lessons in Tajweed.I work as professor in King faisal university and have two months vacation every year from june to aug.
    I tried hard on internet to find her contact but could not find it.
    I am desperate to get certified for tajweed so that I can dedicate myself to teaching my children tajweed.

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