10 Simple Pleasures


So… I’ve been tagged. I hate these things, and have always thought myself privileged to have never been put up to such a task – but now I’m a victim! The rules state that I HAVE to tag three people, so if you see your name below, know that you too are a victim!

I have to list 10 simple pleasures, so here they are. Inshaa`Allaah this post will serve as a little reminder for us to be grateful for all blessings, large and small.

  1. Now being able to hear birds tweeting in the morning, rather than cars racing by.
  2. Having running water from a tap.
  3. Being able to whip up a simple meal when my son says he is hungry.
  4. Having a bed to sleep on.
  5. Having the freedom to travel by car.
  6. Taking my son to the park, seeing him scream with delight as he plays.
  7. Watching my daughter crawl around, when we once thought it unlikely.
  8. Being able to play the Qur`aan and lectures on my portable CD player.
  9. Having sugar, salt and spices to add a little flavour to food.
  10. Having a shop just a minute away – what a lifeboat it is when we run out of milk!

Wa lillaahil hamd. We can NEVER recall and list all the blessings Allaahu, subhaanahu wa ta’aala, has bestowed upon us, so we should never cease to be grateful to him.

  Who are my victims?

Iman, Mu7aaribah and… Nadia. By the way, you also have to use that pic at the top of this post!


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