It didn’t say it!

Last Thursday, we had a trip – with another sister, mashaa`Allaah – to a park near her home. It was absolutely beautiful, mashaa`Allaah and we plan to take our children there regularly inshaa`Allaah.

As we were ‘guests’ at the park, the sister showed us around and just as it was getting cold, she suggested we go visit the ducks. Alhamdulillaah, I’m so happy I took up the offer because there we just so many!

In all my excitement (I think I was more excited than the children), I sped to the fence, beckoning Junayd to join me, all the while exclaiming, “Look! There’s a duck!” Yes, you have permission to roll your eyes at me! Huddled behind the fence and pointing excitedly to a duck close by, I instructed Junayd to give it salaam.

“Assalaamu ‘alaikum,” he shouted.

He waited, eyebrows slowly creasing. Then he yelled,

“It didn’t say it!” With a look of disgust mixed with surprise evident on his face.

What could I do, but laugh? My little soldier expected the duck to give him salaam back. I guess I would, if I was three years old!


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