UPDATE: Harf – Alif

Assalaamu ‘alaikum.

I’ve updated the Alif worksheets. If you downloaded the old one, please download this one instead. I think it’s much better – the other was very rushed.


~ Umm Junayd.


One thought on “UPDATE: Harf – Alif

  1. sister umm junaiyd ur a wonder..it seems to me after lookin a bit more carefully (i was very anxious when i saw this first) that u r the one u actually designed this…mash allah…plz i am an indian and has no great command over arabic language save reading quran(jus plain readin) and few duas and sentenses…i am teachin islamic studies to a few kids at oput local school…the management isisted inspite of fact i knew so lil i wld looooove to have all the letters done like alif and baa for my students…For the Love of Allah plz do make rest becoz, i wld like to give these worksheets to them before i leave the school. in two months that is
    jazzakillah khair fe dunya wal aakhira

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