The Procrastinator gets to work!

Yes, you read right, I’ve finally got some work done with projects I had begun or intended to begin. No, don’t get too excited, I didn’t design them myself, nor are they the Sandpaper letters I began way back in… May (gosh it was THAT long ago?!).

I printed these great Arabic bingo card thingys from Umm Sadiqa’s website and finally managed to laminate and cut them all out mashaa`Allaah [note to self: laminator needs to be added to Schooling Essentials list]. They are really nice mashaa`Allaah.

I also printed, laminated and cut out a little colour matching puzzle thing I found online. I can’t seem to find the bookmark on my laptop, so I’ll check my PC and see if I bookmarked it there. I’ll update this post if I do. I actually started this project ages ago, but never found the energy to finish it because of how much cutting it involves. I will post pics inshaa`Allaah (when Abu J hands the camera back!)

~ Umm Junayd.


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