Review: Story of Luut (Lot)

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Story of Luut

Author: Moazzam Zaman


Description from Publisher:

The “Prophets sent by Allah” series is a collection of 15 delightful rhyming storybooks for younger readers. A wonderful introduction for impressionable young minds to get to know and love the major Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an. Simple full-colour illustrations accompany the rhyming poetry which is fun to read and surprisingly easy to remember. Each book is loaded with Islamically accurate information and contains +an “Islamictionary” (a simplified children’s glossary) to explain Arabic and Islamic words and concepts. Kids of all ages will love to read these morally uplifting books over and over again.


Umm Junayd’s Comment:

When I first came to know of these books I was delighted – something ‘deeni’ in poetry form? When I actually saw the books I bought (two of) them immediately. As a writer of children’s books in poetry form (albeit unpublished) I was sure that they would be entertaining. And so they are mashaa`Allaah. I learnt some new things myself!

ISBN: 9960-732-97-5


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