New Challenge

Assalaamu ‘alaikum.

It’s been a while since an update (this is across the board with all my blogs). I’ve been caught up with Ramadhaan, studies (yep, I’m back to the Law **ducks from the throw of a brick**) and other issues.

The lack of an update may also be due to my taking on a new challenge – schooling someone else’s child. Okay, for now it’s only one day a week, but I find it a challange due to the fact that I have to be sure that I’m not dumbing things down for Junayd (since we’ve covered alot of what I’m doing with his friend now) and not going ‘overboard’ with lil Shamsee (that’s what I call the sweetheart, mashaa`Allaah).

For example, Junayd knows well up to the letter ‘e’ mashaa`Allaah. He can pick them out in sentences, words etc. However, Shamsee still only knows ‘a’ and ‘b’ [Montessori style] after a few weeks. Junayd also knows how to count to 20, while Shamsee can only count comfortably up to 5. Junayd knows his Arabic alphabet by er… ‘singing it’ (my fault!), while Shamsee doesn’t… and those are the major differences. You can see what my problem is: I don’t want my son to be way behind – I want to keep up a pace for him, but then I do not want Shamsee to feel left out.

Any suggestions?

~ Umm Junayd.

By the way, Junayd and Shamsee are the same age – Junayd being a few weeks older.


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