Learning Colours

For the last two weeks or so, I’ve been musing on how I’m going to get Junayd to recognise his colours. This has not been an easy task at all. I’ve tried the sit down and point out colours thing, matching similar colours idea… they just don’t seem to be very effective.

I kinda gave up for a while because I hate the feeling of frustration. However, Junayd seems to be taking the lead on this (duh! Montessori stuff..) and I’ve found that he’s kinda (and not the use of that word) learning his colours by playing with his large bricks. For some reason, he likes to get them out while I’m cooking and will make a stack and run into the kitchen with his creation. He’ll then ask me, “wha-daat?” To which I will say, “that one’s green…” or whatever colour(s) his creation is. He now knows the colour green mashaa`Allaah which surprised me one day because he just came out with it out of the blue.

Therefore, I guess we need to let our children lead the way with their learning. It’s a trial and error thing with homeschooling – something I need to keep hammering into my head. Where one thing doesn’t work, another will, inshaa`Allaah.

~ Umm Junayd.


2 thoughts on “Learning Colours

  1. Asalaam ‘Alaikum:

    I worked on colors with my youngest as well. She never seemed to catch on – or at least, wasn’t much interested. Then, one day she just came out and named all the colors of something I was doing with my oldest daughter.

    It seems they really do soak up a lot of what we teach, but sometimes they absorb it and don’t want to share what they know until they are ready. Or, perhaps they understood, but only made the connection later?

    Who knows, all I know is I am TRYING (no always easy) not to stress too much about it. They amaze me about how much they pick up from daily life, stories, activities – I think things will fall into place. The best we can do is teach them the love of learning, insha’Allah.

    Asalaam ‘Alaikum,
    Sumayyah Umm Sadiqah wa Asma

  2. Wa ‘alaikumus-salaam.

    Isn’t that amazing? It’s like, just when you think things aren’t sinking in, they prove you wrong – ‘I HAVE been listening, ya know!’.

    Children, huh? They never fail to surprise you.

    Was-salaamu ‘alaikum
    ~ Umm Junayd.

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