TIP: Keep It Simple!

Assalaamu ‘alaikum.

Before I decided to embark on this journey, I always wondered what full-time homeschoolers did about cooking lunch for themselves and their children. I recall speaking to one sister in particular who said that her cooking time was the children’s lunch break and more often than not, it was extended to accomodate for the time that she spent cooking, the time she and the children ate and the time it took to clear everything up.

I’ve recently found that lunchtime works best for me when it’s kept light and simple. There usually doesn’t need to be hours in the kitchen trying to whip something up. I tend to stick to pasta, noodles, sandwiches and other ‘cold’ food – however, it really depends on what mood I’m in. Most of the time I cook a larger dinner so that leftovers (i.e. rice etc.) can be heated thoroughly and eaten the following day.

There’s no need to spend laborious hours in the kitchen. Just keep it simple!

Was-salaamu ‘alaikum
~ Umm Junayd.


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