Poster 3

Assalaamu ‘alaikum.

I’m not following the Letter of the Week curriculum so rigidly now – I’ve adapted it to Junayd’s needs a little more; I’ve also included the Arabic alphabet because I’m not satisfied with him only learning English.

So, on our poster for this week we have:

English Letter:
‘c’ – reinforced with an eyeless picture of a cat.

Arabic Letter:
Baa`- ب

2 (two) – this was a little silly because it was after sticking the number onto the poster that Junayd decided to let me know that he already knows this number!

Shape/ Colour:
Red Circle

I’ve decided to scrap the animal section because it didn’t prove to be very useful – or at least that’s what I think.

Happy pre-schooling!

Was-salaamu ‘alaikum
~ Umm Junayd.


5 thoughts on “Poster 3

  1. Assalamu Alaikum Umm Junayd! I’ve just discovered you!
    I taught my eldest son (4 years old) how to read Arabic and English and he already reads fluently in both masha Allah (he’s just finished reading Surah Baqarah). The first step I took was the following.

    I started with Arabic and got a scrapbook and put a letter on each page, from Alif to Yaa and on the last page wrote all the letters of the alphabet together. Then I cut out loads of photos from those free magazines you get in supermarkets and every morning after breakfast, we took about three pictures and I told them what the photo was of (in Arabic) and then I would say for example: Anaanaas, A A A Anaanaas, what does Anaanaas bein with? A A A Alif! Then we would glue it and stick it on the Alif page, then I would do the same for two other photos and then go through all of the letters on the last page. I did this every day and soon the book was full of photos and was his favourite book and he very quickly understood the sounds of the letters and what different words began with, without me having to explain it much. It increased his vocab too. It was so quick and fun and effortless, and I didn’t do each letter in order necessarily either. We did the same with English.

  2. Wa ‘alaikumus-salaam wa rahmatullaah.

    And I’ve discovered you! Mashaa`Allaah.

    Oh… your idea is so cute mashaa`Allaah. I think I may just take that up for both alphabets. Junayd just LOVES cutting with his scissors and I think he’d enjoy that. Yay… a new project inshaa`Allaah!

    Jazaakillaahu khairan for sharing.

    Was-salaamu ‘alaikum
    ~ Umm Junayd.

  3. Forgot to add that when you stick the pictures you should write the name of the picture next to it or underneath it in clear felt-tip pen so that the child gets used to seeing the words on each page starting with that particular letter, and you’ll be surprised that they will start to recognise those words too.

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