So here I am. I’m able to fumble around with the design/ layout of this blog but not have enough energy to make a decent post.

That’s life… or, maybe it’s just my lazy side.

I’ve not been doing much with Junayd – I’ve taken a really laid back approach recently. This could be due to the fact that the weather have been unbelievably warm as of late [or believable due to global warming!]. We’ve not been doing many arty crafty things, but we’ve been doing LOTS of reading, mashaa`Allaah. Or should I say I have! I should keep a note of all the books we’ve read. I usually loan 12 books at a time from the library because 6 is never enough for my little reader, mashaa`Allaah.

I purchased a counting book today from a charity shop and I absolutely love it mashaa`Allaah. More about books in the next post. Right now, I need to get some snooze.


~ Umm Junayd.

** note to self: scrabble + letters **


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