Weekend and Beyond…

Assalaamu 'alaikum.

This weekend seemed to fly past, but mashaa`Allaah I can happily say that I was content with the time that I spent focusing on Junayd. Sunday seemed to be the most fulfilling day filled with book-reading, story-telling and a little arty crafty activity where I traced our left hands onto a paper plate and we 'filled' the hands with tissue paper. Inshaa`Allaah I think it may be the beginning of something beautiful – no telling yet though!

So far this week we've been discussing the letter 'a'. Mashaa`Allaah when he sees an isolated 'a' he can recognise it, but he seems to get a little silly when I ask him to point it out when it's part of a word. I don't know why. Yesterday was our let's be silly and just have fun day – it's not all about reading ya know – sometimes you've just got to get down with them and play like them; and that's what I did, mashaa`Allaah.
Today… well… today we did more reading [I've REALLY got to get down to the library to change the books. Six just isn't enough for him!] and we sang a little song which I've typed below [you've kinda got to just make up the tune with the beat] – we did the funny actions too. For some reason, I can actually see myself teaching pre-kindergarten kids! Weird.

Was-salaamu 'alaikum
~ Umm Junayd.


We Have…

Two ears,
on the sides of our head.
We've been given them
so we can hear.
We must listen to what we are told.
Thank You, oh Allaah.

Two eyes,
Two blinking eyes.
We've been given them
so we can see.
We must only look at that which is good.
Thank You, oh Allaah.

Two brows,
Moving up and down.
Can you see them moving around?
Two eyebrows, we have got.
Thank You, oh Allaah.

One nose,
One wriggling nose.
Right in the middle
of our face.
We've been given it so we can smell.
Thank You, oh Allaah.

Two hands,
Two waving hands.
Wriggle your fingers
back and forth.
We can use them for many things.
Thank You, oh Allaah.

Two feet,
Two stomping feet.
Can you hear them
making that sound?
We can walk when we have these.
Thank You, oh Allaah.

© Umm Junayd, June 2006.


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