TIP: Learn anywhere!

Some hold the opinion that children can only be learning if they are sat down either with a teacher providing instructions or working through some kind of workbook. This could be further from the truth. Infact, sometimes children seem to learn more in a setting which is not so rigid or at times which they see as simply being play.

This finally occured to me this morning while I was washing the morning dishes. Junayd was posed infront of the fridge with his number magnets, shouting out the numbers. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t saying the correct name of the number to the one he was pointing to, but he seemed to be having fun while counting to ten.

A way in which I could effectively use my morning cleaning time is to have him infront of the fridge and say the name of the numbers while he puts them in order… or something to that effect. This way, I get two things done: the dishes and his morning numeracy session.

Mashaa`Allaah, the beauty of homeschooling – such flexibility! Walhamdulillaah.

~ Umm Junayd.

PS. For those who missed a counting post on my main blog, here is is: Count Everything!


2 thoughts on “TIP: Learn anywhere!

  1. I really appreciate your site. I would love to homeschool but I have so many children that it gets rather discouraging. I also don’t know anyone who does it. It is nice to see a sister with such a positive attitude about it and at the same time doesn’t claim to know all of the answers. Thanx for the tips and encouragement on my journey.

  2. We’re all on the journey together! *s* How could one claim to have answers when one still has so many questions?

    I really do hope that this blog is of some benefit to others… it’s a way for me to record what I’ve done and to also air my frustrations!

    Umm Junayd.

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